Buying & Selling Tips

Buying Tips

When searching for a home to buy, follow these easy steps:

Step One
Apply for a mortgage loan and get pre-qualified. This is by far the most important step. By doing this, it allows the Realtor to search for exactly what you want and what you can afford. Once pre-qualified, the remaining steps are relatively easy.

Step Two
Find a home. This process can take some time. However because of our affiliation with West Penn Multi-List, we have state of the art tools at our fingertips to assist buyers in finding a home. This system, with the help of internet access, allows Realtors to e-mail homes for sale right to your own computer. This gives you the opportunity to view the information and decide before jumping in the car to see the actual property.

Step Three
Close on your new home and pack! This last step usually takes between thirty and forty-five days once the contract is accepted and signed by both buyers and sellers.

By following these 3 easy steps, your dream of home ownership is closer to reality. Our dedicated real estate professionals will be with you throughout the entire process.

You will be glad you chose Interstate Real Estate Services, Inc. for all your home buying and selling needs.

Selling Tips

While your home is up for sale, make sure everything is in its place inside and outside. It’s the little things that count, like replacing missing or broken downspouts, painting/replacing worn trim, keeping the yard tidy and mowed, reducing clutter inside your home.

  • If you have a lot of furniture, consider placing some of it in temporary storage. Reducing and re-arranging a room full of furniture will make the room look bigger.
  • Painting the ceilings or the whole room will give it a fresh, clean look and much more appealing to any buyer.
  • If you have pets, make temporary housing arrangements during ‘Open House’ time. This will be much calmer for the pets and will minimize any unforeseen mishaps that might occur.

You’d be surprised that just by updating these little things, it will generally add more value and added interest from a buyer.